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secco init

Run this command inside your destination folder. You’ll be asked questions about your source folder and at the end of the questionnaire a new .seccorc config file will be created.


secco will scan your destination’s package.json file and compare it with the available packages inside your source. It’ll then copy over all changes into your destination’s node_modules folder. Additionally, a watch task is started to continue copying over changes. Packages that have "private": true set will be ignored.

Typically you’ll want to also start a watch script inside your source to continuously compile your package artifacts.

secco packages

If you don’t want the default secco command to copy over all packages of your source, you can use the secco packages command.

It allows you to provide a list of packages for secco to watch. Separate them by spaces like so:

Terminal window
secco packages ars aurea

You need to use the exact package names, things like regexp or glob patterns are not supported.