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LekoArts (the author of secco) used to work at Gatsby and we had an awesome tool there called gatsby-dev-cli. It’s battle-tested through our daily usage and served us really well. secco is a modernized and generalized version of this CLI, enabling me to have the same functionality everywhere. secco still has the same core functionality as gatsby-dev-cli so fortunately I was able to copy over a lot of code. For gatsby-dev-cli we never quite found the time to solve some smaller edge cases or DX quirks, so while authoring secco I tried to already fix some or lay the groundwork to enable better DX.

As often with side-projects I was also curious to try out some new tools, this time the awesome utils from UnJS. The .rc file handling is powered by rc9, the much improved package manager handling is done through nypm. They provide utils for many common use-cases when authoring developer tooling.

Last but not least, thanks to Verdaccio for providing a great Node.js proxy registry.